Lobster mushroom under the microscope

This is Lobster mushroom (Russula brevipes host parasitised by ascomycete fungus Hypomyces lactifluorum) under the microscope, reflected light, 10x objective, horizontal field of view is about 1.2mm: Lobster mushroom reflected 10x x1.4

Here is the same view, but using transmitted light: Lobster mushroom transmitted 10x x1.4

And here is a much closer look at the spores (100x objective, horizontal field of view is about 121 microns, the spores mounted in lactophenol cotton blue): Lobster mushroom 100x x1.4

And this is the same picture as above, but digitally inverted with some color channels swapped: Lobster mushroom 100x x1.4 inverted

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Tags: micro Fungi/Ascomycota/Sordariomycetes/Hypocreales/Hypocreaceae/Hypomyces/Hypomyces lactifluorum